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5659 Chapman Ave, Memphis, TN 38119


5659 Chapman Ave, Memphis, TN 38119


When you design your websites, whether by yourself or by choosing pre-made themes, it is too tempting to craft a site that is visually pleasing. Because you know the site inside and out, it is easy to forget to focus on something very important to Search Engine Optimization (SEO): site navigation. The Importance of Easy Site Navigation One thing search engines track is how long web users remain on a site or page. If web users click out...

When it comes to creating email addresses for your new website and employees, there are some important aspects to remember. The following are the four most important steps to setting up email addresses for your new website. Determining Whether Your Host Provides Email Services Whether you're using Hostgator, GoDaddy, or Bluehost (three of the more common website hosts), most hosting providers come with the ability to create custom email addresses directly; however, there are some hosting services that do...