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5659 Chapman Ave, Memphis, TN 38119

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Print marketing is on a decline, with 23.4% advertising companies spending less on those advertisements. On the other hand, spending on email marketing is up by 59.7%; on social media marketing, 56.3%; online display advertising, 55.9%. Spending on search marketing is up 42.4%. Much of this depends on content marketing. Its effectiveness can be seen by the rising budget for digital marketing altogether. What is content marketing and how does it work? What Is Content Marketing? According to the...

When you design your websites, whether by yourself or by choosing pre-made themes, it is too tempting to craft a site that is visually pleasing. Because you know the site inside and out, it is easy to forget to focus on something very important to Search Engine Optimization (SEO): site navigation. The Importance of Easy Site Navigation One thing search engines track is how long web users remain on a site or page. If web users click out...

Headlines are the first thing to catch your eye online. Their size and boldness are eye-grabbing. The design serves one main purpose: to get passersby to buy the newspaper. In copywriting, the headlines get readers to move on to the main copy, resulting in sales and conversions. Much like the title and cover of a book, the headlines are the first contact your target audience has with your copy. However, being noticeable is one thing. Being effective...

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Links, links, links and more links. While links are extremely important to SEO efforts, there are so many factors that often get overlooked. It isn't just about how many links can you get nowadays--but the quality of links, the anchor text used in links, the difference between follow vs. no-follow. There are so many factors that link building itself is almost its own unique industry. There is a site that I am working on that covers all...

There is no such thing as keyword magic. Long are the days of keyword stuffing and abusing anchor text. No more can you enter key phrases like "small dog electric fences" 10-15 times in an article  or build 200 links with anchor text for specific keywords, like invisible fence for small dogs, hoping to get tons of Google juice. While it takes a little longer and a lot more work to rank using only white hat techniques,...