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5659 Chapman Ave, Memphis, TN 38119


Security Guard Companies in Houston

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Security Guard Companies in Houston

Every once in a while I take some time to try new strategies. I am using some new software, Long Tail Pro, a keyword research tool, and with it attempting to dominate the security guard industry in the Houston, Texas, market. Below is my step by step process on how I decided to take on the Houston security market.

Security Companies in Houston


I started with keyword research. With Long Tail Pro, I found that the most searched terms, regarding security and specific cities, were in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. I don’t have the time–or money–to compete in these markets, especially since there is no endgame for me–no products to sell, no clients that require high ranking in this market. (I might be able to use it to sell advertising for local security companies, but that is another post for another time.) There was a lot of search engine traffic for Houston, Texas, so after checking to see competition, I chose this city for my hostile takeover.

After deciding on a city to pursue, I put all the search terms with the words “security” and “houston” in order, by total searches, and found that the most searched term on Google was “security companies in houston, tx.” Luckily, the url was up for grabs–this will go a long way to helping my website rank for this popular search term.

Keyword research took about two hours. Then came the site design. I use WordPress for all my sites. It is very efficient and exceedingly user-friendly. I am a big fan of the Minamaze Pro Theme, and as this wasn’t a new client needing a fresh page, I went with a theme I was familiar with. As this project is more or less for fun, I wanted to bang out a quick-and-dirty website. I used on-page search engine optimization and expect to start creeping up the search engine page ranks, shortly. The website took about another two hours to build.

While the site itself is nothing flashy, I do insist that every one of my site pass certain optimization and speed tests. Below are my results from two different website speed test and optimization sites that I frequent.


Optimization-SpeedWith blazing fast websites–Google loves this!–I’ll now start to build quality links back to my site, using keywords similar to those that I wish to rank for. This article is the first of many. I will focus on news site and security bloggers. I hope, within one month, to make it onto the first page of Google results.


I am a proud Memphian that loves Memphis history, culture, sports, and food. I am passionate about digital marketing, SEO best practices, networking, and bringing my clients results

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